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Perspective Shift


Living in a 3-dimensional world, no one thing offers one point of view. Barring a gate or other obstruction, we can walk around most things to see them from multiple perspectives. More recently, we do not seem to embrace different views when it comes to social or cultural events. We like the one - the story, the image, the opinion – that pleases our ears and minds the best; the one that seems to agree with what we already think or believe. All others must be wrong.

In Perspective Shift, the subject is simple: a torn piece of paper sitting inside draped fabric. The tear remains still, never shifting its position. Only I move with my camera around it, and by doing so, reveal multiple views of the same point. As I was photographing, I noticed the atmosphere around the paper was shifting, becoming more poetic the longer I stayed with it. Here, the agreement was becoming more harmonious, not because of the one view but because of the many.

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